Johan Castberg TMS Load out

Watch some key moments during SBM Offshore’s activities on the Johan Castberg TMS project. The video covers the fabrication phase of the TMS in Dubai before shipment to Singapore for integration into Equinor’s Johan Castberg FPSO.

The Badger Company has executed the detailed engineering and design for the TMS Gantry as SBM Offshore's subcontractor.

Drydocks World Dubai (DDW) fabricated all four modules for the TMS. The first two modules, the Bogie Support Structure and the Lower Turret, were completed in 2019 and delivered to the Singapore yard in 2019 and early 2020. The Manifold and Gantry were completed and safely loaded onto the transportation vessel in April 2020 and delivered to the Singapore yard in May of this year.

Turret Mooring System: The turret design is an 8,000 tons Bogie Turret accommodating 21 riser slots for Equinor’s new build FPSO Johan Castberg for the Skrugard, Havis and Drivis discoveries in the harsh operating conditions of the Barents Sea, offshore Northern Norway. The FPSO will be permanently moored in 372-meter water depth by means of three bundles of five mooring lines. The TMS allows the FPSO to safely stay in position on the field in the extreme weather conditions, while ensuring safe operations and the transfer of fluids from the seabed via the risers to the FPSO. This project brings SBM Offshore into new territory offshore Norway, adding to its portfolio of large and complex turret mooring systems for harsh environments, cementing its leading market position.

2020-08-04 - The Badger Company